GCSE Hospitality

GCSE Hospitality provides pupils with core knowledge about the nature and diversity of the hospitality industry and they develop the skills needed for working in it.

Pupils have the opportunity to apply knowledge, understanding and skills through a range of theoretical and practical contexts with an emphasis on practical cooking tasks, worth 60% of the final grade, to enable the pupils to discover what working in the hospitality industry entails.

GCSE Hospitality comprises 3 units assessed and weighted as follows:

Unit 1: The Hospitality Industry
Pupils study the products and services available to customers, career opportunities and job roles and the legislation governing the hospitality industry.
This will include:
•the different hospitality sectors
•products and services provided
•careers in the hospitality industry
•customers in hospitality to include customer care standards and procedures
•diet and health in the hospitality industry
•health and safety at work and
•first aid at work.

External Exam:  1 ½ hours  20% of final grade

Unit 2:  Reception and Accommodation
Pupils study the importance of and the activities associated with, reception and accommodation.
This will include:
•front office and its links with other departments
•customer cycle -  booking/ reservation / check-in / check-out,
•use of services and facilities
•purchasing products
•handling complaints
•payment methods
•restaurant reservations
•accommodation and housekeeping.

External Exam:  1 ½ hours – based on a pre-release case study, 20% of final grade

Unit 3:  Food and Drink.
This is a practical unit.
Individually pupils research, plan, prepare, cook and evaluate dishes and meals to demonstrate a range of practical skills.  They compile a log book of the practical skills they acquire and put into practice the essential rules governing hygiene and health and safety at work.
As a team the pupils plan, prepare, serve and evaluate a function for 10 people.

Internal Assessment comprising 3 Controlled Assessment tasks

60% of final grade broken down as follows:
•a log book of skills for 10 dishes: 24%
•the meal assignment: 12%
•the function assignment: 24%