Teaching staff

Mrs C Lewis  (Head of Department)
Miss J McBride
Mr D Lutton
Dr Shirlow
Mrs H Mullan


Departmental Aims.  

The Mathematics Department aims to ensure that each pupil:
• will develop the mathematical skills to think logically
• can communicate mathematical ideas and concepts succinctly and logically
• can problem solve using mathematical skills and methods


• Pupils follow the N I Curriculum using the” Steps in Mathematics” series of books
• All students receive four 45 minute lessons of mathematics per week
• Classes are loosely setted in year 8 and these sets are further streamed throughout KS3 until pupils are in a set where they are being challenged at the appropriate pace and content
• SEN pupils with specific numeracy needs are withdrawn from other subjects and receive additional help and support
• All pupils have opportunities to develop skills in the four areas of mathematics which are Number,  Algebra, Shape / Space, Handling Data
• All students have further opportunities to develop their mathematical investigational skills through investigation work in Geography and Science
• In Year 10 all pupils are tested using differentiated tasks and achieve a Level of Progression in mathematics ranging from level 2 to level 7.G

• All students study GCSE mathematics in Year 11 preparing for the AQA linear examination at the end of Year 12
• Following internal testing and assessments students are entered for the GCSE level which is appropriate to their ability, either Higher level where they can score grades from A* to D or Foundation level where they can score grades C to G. 
• For a number of students GCSE is an inappropriate examination.  These students will have the opportunity to be entered for Essential Skills in Application of Number

• All students are issued with a homework book differentiated for their ability grouping
• All students get at least one homework per week

January Maths Pupils of the Month

8M1 Cameron Black

8M2 Ben Johnston

8M3 Reece Dunlop

9M1 Matthew Williamson

9M2 Rachael Macauley

9SS Nichole McMullan

10M1 Holly Adair

10M2 William Potts

10M3 Jack Elliott

11M1 Casey-Leigh Leighton

11M2 Laura Dyer

11M3 Kirsty Leslie

12M1 Glenn McMullan

12M2 Paige Mumford

12M3 Presley Warke

12M4 Jack Biesty



Useful Websites
Mymaths - useful for revision
BBC Bitesize - useful for revision
Youtube videos - useful maths tutorials
World maths day - useful for mental arithmetic