Year 10 Boys Aspire to Be

“Aspire To Be” is an initiative by The University of Ulster designed to encourage boys to aspire to further and higher education and ten Dunluce boys joined three other schools to find out more on Thursday 24th January.

The day started with results from a personality test which revealed personality traits and which careers those personalities may wish to follow, followed by a talk from inspirational speaker Wayne Denner.  The importance of young people being able to use technology for communication was a key point and the current need for more software designers was also highlighted.

Following lunch, the group enjoyed a tour of the bio-medical science facility at UU and learned of some of the research being carried out on human subjects.  The group were introduced to some very hi-tech scientific equipment.  One interesting piece was a body pod designed to not just to weigh your total body weight, but weigh total body fat!

The final event of the day was a team challenge.  The teams had to come up with an innovative technological design, sketch the product and list all the careers linked to the product from designers to marketing professionals.  This was where Dunluce excelled. Jason and Josh worked on the design for a games console which could be projected onto a wall, while Jack and Morgan were exploring how the recent “Google Glasses” technology could be taken to next level with contact lenses. Five teams competed and presented their ideas.  It was up to Lucas to present the findings on the new contact lenses concept, which was judged to be the winner!

Science teachers, design and technology teachers take note: Year ten boys have grand designs!