4 promotions in 4 years. Julie McAuley makes watching TV into a major success story

There’s an old joke, what do you say to someone when they get a Media Studies degree?... can I have fries with that?   Being a Media Studies teacher you'd expect me to disagree with that; but actually it really is no longer the case; figures now show that students who do media courses are second only to medicine in the job market – and one ex-Dunluce pupil who is living proof that media courses can lead to success is Julie McAuley, the Compliance Manager at TVT (Television Versioning Translation)

Julie left Dunluce in 2007 and has since gone from strength to strength in the world of compliance, being promoted every year for the past 4 years!

“After Dunluce I moved on to Ballymoney NRC to study Television and Film.   I then went to Nottingham Trent University and studied Broadcast Journalism.  During my time at Dunluce I did a lot of public speaking at parents evenings and assemblies, which I really enjoyed; and these experiences, along with a chat with Mr and Mrs McNeil, made me realise I should pursue media and broadcasting specifically.

“After my years of study I decided that I couldn't be a cut throat journalist and fell in to television compliance by chance and I love it.”

… but what is compliance?

“Essentially everything you watch on TV is seen by someone like me first. We are the ones who cut bits out and remove bad language and inappropriate content for daytime that is deemed unsuitable for children. I'm currently working on the new series of Britain's Next Top Model which is very exciting so I suppose you could say I watch TV for a living.”

And apparently Julie is very good at watching TV.  To be promoted four times in four years is an incredible achievement and shows the esteem in which she is held.  I asked her how it felt to work in the heart of the media scene, and in the big city,

“Landing my first job in London has to be my proudest moment to date.  I was just a Northern Irish girl from the countryside near Bushmills, and all of a sudden I was moving to London to start a career.  I still find it very hard to believe.  I visited London with my mum as a treat after getting my GCSE results and I told her then that I wanted to live and work in London and here I am.”

And what of Dunluce?  It must seem like a million miles from her current life.  How does she remember her time here?  Well it turns out that she was pretty successful here as well,

“I remember being one of two girls to get the highest grades at GCSE level which was a pretty big deal at the time as I was never sporty so relied on brain power to win prizes which thankfully paid off.  My all time favourite teacher was Mr Ross.  He's an incredibly intelligent man and I loved that no-one could pull the wool over his eyes.  I'll never forget my final parent teacher meeting before leaving when he told me the world was my oyster. Those words have always stuck with me as they came from a man I looked up to and it was a huge confidence boost before going to college.”

Julie has some advice for those of you considering a job in the media, or even just considering your future in general,

“Don't limit yourself because you are scared of the unknown.  Its really hard to make a decision at 16 about what you want to do for the rest of your life so don't put loads of pressure on yourself and enjoy learning and being carefree.

“If you are interested in pursuing media as a career then I say go for it!  There are many different jobs within the industry and if you're truly passionate about it you'll love it.  I strongly recommend Ballymoney NRC's Television and Film course for any aspiring presenters, editors or cameramen and women.”