A new era for our full attenders

Tuesday saw the introduction of a new twelve sided £1 coin in the UK.  According to the Royal Mint this is a state of the art, bimetallic, latent image containing, bold new step into the world of coins.

Here at Dunluce we used it as an excuse to celebrate something we consider to be very important.  

Principal, Mr Smyth handed out 9 of the first issues of these special coins to pupils who have recorded full attendance this year.


They are (from left to right)

William Potts 11WS, Christopher McMullan 8LMA, Eve McCloskey 10EJ, Olivia McVicker 8LM, Jake Taggart 12LS, Matthew Potts 9TM, Jason Buick 11WS, Shannon McLaughlin 8LM and Kirsty Leslie 12SC.