Departmental Information

The art and design department in Dunluce is a continual hive of activity where pupils follow an extensive and exciting curriculum throughout their 5 years at the school.

At key stage 3, pupils study 2 periods of art weekly and each year group’s activities are themed around 1 or more topics/themes including sunflowers and portraits (year 8), the sea (year 9), and Bushmills heritage and figures in action (year 10)
Within each unit of work a wide range of materials and processes are explored including ICT, ceramics, textiles, sculpture, printmaking, 3 dimensional design and various drawing and painting techniques. 

At key stage 4, pupils are given the opportunity to follow either a GCSE course in art and design and the more recent Occupational Studies course in ‘enterprise’ and ‘specialised crafts’ in which they can focus on ceramics, glass painting or textiles.


GCSE Art Exhibition (2019)
Enterprise Crafts Tea Party (2018)
Gallery of GCSE  art work (2017)
Gallery of GCSE  art work (2016)
Gallery of GCSE  art work (2014)