Assessment 2 Achievement Awards

Dunluce pupils continue to exceed their targets in assessment after assessment.  This week we were celebrating the pupils who achieved greens (5% or more over their target scores) in six or more of their subjects.  There are far too many to name here but the photos are below.

Special mention should be made of year 9, Aimée Dinsmore, who scored 12 greens; and year 8, Jodie Warke, who was the first pupil ever to achieve green results in every subject.  

Certificates were also given out for pupils for good behaviour.  Congratulations to everyone for this success.

pupils in year 8 and 9 who achieved at least 6 scores above target, and none below


pupils in year 8 and 9 for pupils who achieved 1s in almost all of their subjects for behaviour


Jodie Warke (8JB) who beat her target in every subject