Choosing Dunluce

Choosing your secondary school can be one of the most daunting decisions a young person has to make.  You will be spending a significant part of your teenage years in school and it’s important you consider all the options before deciding where to go.

Every parent wants the best for their child, and every child wants to be somewhere they can belong and flourish.When it comes to choosing what happens after primary, the right school is the school that will contribute to your development, academic results and general wellbeing.

Here in Dunluce we feel that we can offer you a unique experience that might just be the right fit for you…


We have a broad curriculum of subject choices to support your goals.  We believe in a curriculum that serves the needs of our pupils – for this reason we have an ever evolving list of courses and qualifications.


We have an experienced and enthusiastic staff.  We pride ourselves in the relationships we build across the school community.  This gives Dunluce a uniquely collaborative atmosphere. 

Outside the Classroom

We run a varied programme of extra-curricular activities.  Whether it be during lunchtimes or after school, we offer our pupils the opportunities to try something new.  We also provide a wide range of sporting activities and opportunities to be in a team.

Inside the Classroom

Our classrooms are well resourced to support learning.  From interactive whiteboards and technical equipment to a range of tablets and e-readers – we provide the means for you to develop skills and learn effectively.

A Safe Place

We provide a safe and caring environment for our students.  We have developed a strong pastoral system to care for the pupils throughout the school.  Student welfare is at the centre of our ethos.  We work hard to ensure Dunluce School is a safe, nurturing place.


We achieve excellent results.  At Dunluce we are committed to high standards and helping our pupils achieve their potential.  We reward success when we see it – no matter what form it takes.

Dunluce School has, justifiably, built up a strong reputation in the local community. This is something we value and wish to develop further.   If you know any of our current students, we would encourage you to discuss the school with them.  Our pupils are our greatest ambassadors, and if anyone knows what it means to be part of the Dunluce family, they do.