Coding Roadshow

STEM in Action - Coding Roadshow visits Dunluce

Peter Waugh from Sentinus visited us on Thursday, 25th January 2018 to run a coding workshop with Year 10 and a few senior pupils.  The workshop provided a compelling, problem-solving context that stimulated the pupil’s minds and introduced them to java coding.

Peter also informed them about many career paths within IT and the opportunities available within N Ireland.  Hopefully this event has inspired pupils to give further consideration to a career in the IT sector.
H McNeill

“I enjoyed the ICT Coding workshop, it was challenging and tested your ICT, memory and creative skills.  It was a lot of fun because you learned a lot of things including how to make animation through coding.   At the end I realised there were a lot more career choices and skills to learn through ICT.  If I had another opportunity to do it again I would because it was really good.”

~ Zoe Waite-Colhoun 10TM