Dunluce School Drama Department has now entered into its 12th year and its popularity continues to grow and flourish.  It operates with one Drama Specialist trained solely in Drama and Theatre Studies.  It is a high achieving successful department

BTEC PA trip to the Riverside

which has a positive, inclusive and hard-working ethos where pupils are continually rewarded for high achievement and effort.  Every pupil is valued regardless of talent or ability.

Drama is part of the Arts Curriculum in Northern Ireland and a vital and integral part of the school life here at Dunluce where the essential life skills it draws out and develops in pupils are used in any sphere of the pupil’s day to day life and are needed for the future in ANY workplace in a world full of competition and challenge.  Connected learning is ever present in links with subjects like English, History and LLW and RE.

What is Drama?
Drama is a social art form where pupils express themselves creatively in and out of role.  It helps pupils explore the world around them by developing characters who find themselves in particular situations and allows pupils to analyse human life and make informed choices and decisions about their own lives as they look at the lives of imaginary characters.   They work continually as part of a team making up scenes, longer Dramas and plays.  Drama has a proven track record of raising self-esteem in young lives and helps to develop good communication skills, confidence, co-operation, co-ordination and a caring attitude towards others.

Key Stage 3
They ‘make’, ‘perform’ and ‘respond’ to their work as part of the three elements of assessment at Key stage 3.  Pupils are expected to work positively and with ANY member of their class to promote positive working relationships and good team-work.  This starts to prepare them from Year 8 for the ‘bigger picture’-the wider world of work.  

Assessment 1
Making-Working Relationships, Using Drama Techniques, Shaping Drama, Imagination

Assessment 2
Performing-Vocal skills, Physical Skills, Character

Assessment 3
Responding-Thinking and Understanding, Drama Vocabulary

Year 8  World War 2 evacuee scenes

The Year 8’s  have been rehearsing their World War 2 evacuee scenes.  The children all got dressed up and were in role with Mrs Moore playing the part of Mrs. Biddington-the Billeting officer.  

You can see some of the pictures here.


BTEC Level 2 Performing Arts

The department offers a BTEC Level 1/2 First Certificate in Performing Arts (ACTING)

It is a Double Award course studying the following units:

Course Diet:-
Core Units
Unit 1-Individual Showcase (External Exam)
Unit 2-Preparation, Performance and Production

Unit 3-Acting Skills
Unit 8-The Performing Arts Industry (External Exam)

Optional Specialist Units at Dunluce are:-
Unit 9-Performance in Context
Unit 11-Devising Performance Work
Unit 15-Performing Scripted Plays

Pupils must complete all three.

75% Practical (with written element included)
25% Exam-Practical/Written

Mrs L Moore
Head of Drama