Dunluce Has Talent


Dunluce School is pleased to present DUNLUCE HAS TALENT.

We are inviting the world to come and see (and vote) for some of the incredibly gifted kids we have here in Dunluce.  In Groups and solos; from singing to drama to dance to gymnastics to instrumentalists to ... well come and find out!

15 acts, all with one goal - to win the title of Dunluce Has Talent Champion 2017.

YOU get to choose the winner!  Each member of the audience gets to vote on who they feel deserves to win.

So come along on Friday 8th December 2017 for an evening of entertainment.

The show starts at 7:30pm and tickets are available from the school reception, priced £5 for adults and £3 concession.

Who knows - the staff may even have a surprise for you as well.


Some of the performers, who will be on stage individually or as part of a group:


Cherie Moorhead

Billie-Jo Nethry

William McFarland

Katie Parke

Mollie Parke

Matthew Edgar

Pippa McCullough
Brooke Culbertson

Ellie-Mae Freeman