Dunluce Leavers Reap Rewards


There were great celebrations at Dunluce School on Thursday, with many of the pupils achieving A and A* grades in their GCSEs. 

Our school has achieved excellent results in recent years so there was plenty of pressure on the class of 2017 to keep up the success.


Mr Smyth, was delighted with the accomplishments of our out going year 12s, “The school has made big strides in our provision in recent years.  It is a matter of pride for us that we are preparing our pupils for the future in an unprecedented way.”

“The statistics speak for themselves; not only for this year, for the last three years.  This school has consistently allowed our students to achieve success in subjects that are relevant to them – and to further education and employers.

“The numbers are only part of what please me most; combined with this it’s the individual success stories.  The pupils who have worked hard in this school and are leaving us with exceptional results – knowing that they are fully deserved.  When we look at the smiles on the faces of these pupils picking up these results we know we have done our jobs well.

“I’d like to congratulate all our students and staff.  They deserve a lot of credit for the effort they have put in, and the dedication they have shown – throughout their five years in Dunluce”