Dunluce Results Success

dunluce pupils celebrate GCSE success

There were many happy faces in Bushmills on ‘Results Day’ as Dunluce pupils toasted another year of impressive scores for the school.For the third year running practically every pupil left with an A*-C GCSE or equivalent qualification.


Even more impressively over

75% achieved or bettered the 5 A*-C standard.

Mr Smyth, was understandably delighted. “Year on year we challenge these young people to go beyond their expectations, and year on year they succeed.”“These pupils are leaving us with a solid educational foundation and it fills me with pride to see the confidence with which they face the future. They see that success is achievable when they work for it – that is the best lesson we can teach them.”

Dunluce introduced several new subjects in recent years and Mr Smyth was extremely pleased with the qualifications his pupils had gained in them, “We have an ever adapting curriculum at Dunluce. It is our aim to develop our curriculum to suit our pupils rather than have them constrained by tradition. Several of these new subjects had a 100% success rate.”

Having said that Mr Smyth was also quick to praise the performance of students in some of the more traditional subjects, “It’s vital that we continue to do well in our core subjects, and it’s pleasing to see Dunluce pupils gaining excellent results in these; in fact this year group scored significantly higher in English than we have in recent history.”

“As a school we are constantly pushing ourselves to improve and the challenge for next year is for our current year 12s to match, or improve upon, this superb set of results. In the meantime we want to wish each and every one of our leavers the very best for their future careers – wherever they are moving on.”