Emma Jane turns a mountain into a mini saga

Our year 10 English competition this year was to create a mini saga with a dark edge. For those of you who have never heard of mini sagas, they are pieces of fictional writing with a strict word limit - in this case 100 words.

There were seven finalists, Laura Dyer, Rebecca Moore, Kaitlyn-Jade Murphy, Emma Jane Stevenson, Luke Taylor, Caitlyn Murdock and Ben Neely. The winner for 2015 is Emma Jane Stevenson from 10LD. Caitlyn Murdock (10LS) was the runner up.

It could be said that our judge, Mr Dougherty, is a fan of the genre and he was full of praise for our entrants, particularly the finalists. "It was extremely difficult to pick a winner from such a strong field. It is impressive how each pupil managed to fit in so much description in 100 words and still have space to build a story."

"Caitlyn's visual language was powerful 'The glowing lanterns light my path of destruction' while Emma Jane used every one of her hundred words to create a visual treat. Parts of it sent shivers down my spine"

All seven of our finalist's stories will go forward to a national mini-saga competition. Emma Jane's story can be read below.


The Omen of Death
by Emma Jane Stevenson

The deafening screams of the weeping white haired woman, her blood red eyes yearning for my soul, her desire to kill me with one glance is terrifying. My heart races in my chest; I breathe deeply and quietly, trying not to let the woman in front of me sense how petrified I am. I step back, hoping, praying she doesn’t notice.

But she does, and in one swift movement she is on top of me. She inhaled a deep, broad breath and screamed intensely, almost making me lose consciousness. I knew this was my end, she was the legendary banshee.