Excellence in English

We celebrated our top English students in assembly today. After a tough week of assessments twenty seven pupils were awarded badges to recognise their performance in English this term.There were three categories and English teachers nominated pupils from years 8, 9 and 10 in each.

Badges were awarded for:

  • Achievement - A reward for pupils who, through hard work and skill, achieved particularly high scores in Assessment 1.
  • Endeavour - For pupils who have pushed themselves to their limits in search of success.
  • Progress - A celebration of students who have made a huge improvement in their assessment scores since June.

This term these awards went to:

Achievement: Harvey Wade, Rebecca Warke, Ollie Cunningham, Jamie Murphy, Ellie-Mae Freeman, Samantha Wilmot, Matthew Potts, Dylan Drake

Endeavour: Zoe Waite Colhoun, Naomi Cauley, Sarah Michell McDonnell, Rebecca McNaughton, Abbie Clarke, Molly Parke, Laura Horner, Michal Prezmo

Progress: Caitlin McVicker, Rory McCaughey, Will McNeill, David McNeill, Lauren Doherty