Field trip to... the shops?

This week years 8 and 9 got a school trip with a difference. As part of our extended schools programme each of our year 8 and 9 pupils got the opportunity to go shopping - with an English field trip to Waterstone's Bookshop in Coleraine.

Pupils got to see behind the scenes, and see how one of the one the world's biggest chain of book stores works. They got a tour of the parts of the store that normally no one sees and were shown how the store operates on a day t day basis. We also heard about the history of the company, from it's founding right up to the present day.

Staff took a bit of time to chat with the pupils and answer any questions, as well as giving them a demonstration of creative writing cubes.

Probably best of all, each pupil had £10 credit to spend on the book of their choice.

This is perfect timing for the year 8s who are also taking part in the annual Cancer ReadOn challenge, raising money for the Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children.

Year 8s can use the books they bought, along with books they already own or have borrowed from the school library to set themselves a reading target for the week. They then gain sponsorship from family and friends as an incentive to achieve their target. 100% of the money raised goes to NICFC where it is used to help local kids who are diagnosed with cancer, and their families. |it will help parents with travel and heating costs. It will also go towards allowing children with cancer, and their brothers and sisters, to benefit from youth support and residential weekends at the 'Narnia' log cabin in Newcastle; where they experience independent living and meet other children who are going through the same thing.

Raising standards in literacy; exploring career opportunities; developing creative skills; raising money for a good cause - who'd have though a trip to the shops could achieve so much?