French Trip 2018

In the very early hours of Mon. morning 14th of May Mrs McM-F and Mr P accompanied 18 excited Years 8-10 Dunluce pupils to Paris. The first day was action packed as the group moved from one sight to another. The tour of the Louvre museum was enjoyed by all and the highlight had to be a photo shot beside the famous Mona Lisa painting. A boat trip along the River Seine allowed the pupils to admire the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame and the Sacre-Coeur to name but a few well known attractions. Then the pupils marvelled at spectacular panoramic views over the whole of Paris form the top of Montparnasse Tower. The cameras clicked constantly as Evan Inch and Mason Purdy expressed their disbelief at the sheer size and splendour of this wonderful city. Following a sumptuous dinner at a quaint restaurant on the Champs-Elysees the group checked into the Kyriad a centrally located Disney hotel. Needless to say everyone fell into bed including the teachers.

Bright and early on the Tuesday morning the Dunluce pupils descended upon the main Disneyland Theme Park with great anticipation. They were not to be disappointed as they took in the many rides, had pictures taken with their favourite characters and soaked up the incredible Disney atmosphere. Tower of Terror and Space Mountain were the most visited rides for our group. Robert Neill and Jay Bailey did manage to get the teachers to go on Tower of Terror, but once was enough or perhaps too much for them! Zoe Waite-Colhoun and Cherie Moorhead were so impressed that they said they wanted to immigrate to France! Of course no visit to Disney would be complete without a McDonalds a la francaise. Carmen Crawford and Molly Parke thought it was the best McDs they ever had. That is until they dined in Planet Hollywood. At 10pm Mrs McM-F and Mr P were dragging the pupils out of the park as they went on their favourite rides one last time.

On Wednesday the group was coached to the breath-taking Versailles castle where the pupils admired the awesome architecture, the many resplendent rooms, the ornate furniture, the massive paintings and the glorious gardens. Naomi Cauley noted that the French must be very proud of this former Royal residence as throngs of visitors were eagerly taking pictures like the Dunluce group. Finally, it was time to present hunt and do some therapeutic shopping at the Aeroville centre. With over 200 shops the pupils were spoilt for choice. Robert Neill and George Anderson's trip was complete as they purchased much sought after speakers. Sadly, it was time to return to the airport amidst glorious sunshine.

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Timothy Parke summed the trip up when he told Mr Smyth that he gave it 11 out of 10! Why don't you join our next trip? It's great fun.