GCSE Child Development

Pupils will study the physical, social, intellectual and emotional development of the child from conception to the age of five years old.  The course provides a basis for further study of Child Development and other related qualifications. This could lead, with some further study to work as an Early Years Practitioner, a Classroom Assistant or Health Support Worker.  It could also be the starting point for careers in Nursing, Play Therapy or Teaching.

Pupils gain knowledge and understanding of:
• Parenthood, pregnancy and childbirth
• The needs of young children
• The social and environmental influences that affect family life
• The importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle
• Home economics skills including practical skills
• Human needs in a multicultural society
• Relevant technological and scientific developments

Pupils study 2 main areas  

  1. Parenthood, Pregnancy & Childbirth
  2. Development of the Child 0-5 years

This will include the following topics:
• Parenthood and responsibilities
• Pregnancy
• Healthy diet and lifestyle in pregnancy
• Birth
• The physical and intellectual development of a child up to five years old
• The social and emotional development of a child up to five years old
• Child care provision and sources of support available
• Safety, first aid and childhood diseases
• Choosing clothes and shoes for young children
• Weaning and dietary needs of the child

Examination - 40% (Single tier entry)

Controlled Assessment - 60% 

  • 3 short tasks each 10%
  • 1 Child Study 30%

The majority of work has to be completed in school under teacher supervision so good attendance throughout years 11 and 12 is crucial.


Examples of GCSE Child Development Controlled Assessment Practical Task - Healthy Lunch for a 3 and 5 year old - Year 12 2013/14