Happy Birthday Harry


It was on this day (26th June) in 1997 - twenty year ago - that JK Rowling published the first of her famous Hogwarts series, and Harry Potter was born.  Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone spent most of that year at the top of the best sellers lists in the UK and across the world, winning award after award in the process.  You say it was the birth of something magical.

One Potter fan in year 10 told me how JK Rowling's books had affected her.  "It was the first book I can remember picking up and not wanting to put down.  I had always enjoyed reading, but for the first time I really got into the characters.  As soon as I had finished it I had to get the second one immediately."

Anyone out there who has yet to board the Hogwarts Express can do so by heading to the school library - the books are all there for you to borrow.