Head Prefects 2017-2018

Joshu Wilson and Heather McNeill - Dunluce School Head Boy and Head Girl

This week saw the announcement of the Dunluce School Head Boy and Head Girl for 2017-2018.  Since the school opened over forty years ago the role of Head Prefect has been one of the most prestigious positions in Dunluce.  This year Joshua Wilson and Heather McNeill were awarded the badges. 

Head Boy Joshua, a past pupil of Carnalridge Primary, explained what it meant to be selected, “It feels really great.  I’m feel really proud of the achievement and privileged to have the opportunity to represent a successful school like Dunluce.”
“I feel I have a strong connection with the school and wanted to represent Dunluce in a positive way.”

Heather, an Aghadowey native who came to us from Culcrow primary explained how it was the balance between the academic and the social side of the job that appealed.  “I am most looking forward to the Formal.  It’s such an important event for the senior pupils here.”

“I’ve wanted to be Head Girl for a while.  I feel I want to represent the school with dedication and give back a little of what I have received whilst going to this school.”

“I’m very proud of this achievement – and grateful to the school and the staff for giving me the opportunity.  I am feeling excited about the challenges which are ahead of me.”

Joshua agreed, “I’m actually looking forward to prize day as I will be making my first speech in front of a large crowd.  If that doesn’t boost my confidence I don’t know what will.”

And his advice for the pupils coming behind him?  “Get your head down and work hard.  Try to get along with everyone.  Be the best you can be… and be nice to the teachers.”



This years other senior prefects are:  deputy head girls Emily McKay and Samantha Wilmot (pictured with Heather, Mrs Kennedy - Head of Year, and Mr Parker - Head of Senior School); and deputy head boys Christopher Dobbin and Craig Brown (pictured with Joshua, Mr Parker, and Mr Dougherty - Head of Year)