Knitting up a Storm

The knitting club started up in term 2. It has 14 very enthusiastic participants as well as 2 classroom assistants. The pupils, many of whom were not able to knit, soon mastered the art of garter stitch and went on to make Easter bunnies.

Louise Gault, being a great knitter, has now progressed to making a Minion.

Christopher Dobbin, our only male participant very quickly picked up the skill and in a very short time has completed a scarf, an Easter bunny and is now onto a ‘jelly baby’.

Alma is also only of our very enthusiastic participants and tells me that her mother completed anything she had to knit at school, although Alma told the teacher it was her work!!! Alma has made a beautiful baby hat and just finished a Newcastle United football supporter for Mr Campbell!!

Mr Dougherty has requested a Coleraine footballer. I did finish one but silly me, it was red!!!! The blue one is on its way Mr Dougherty.

Photos to follow!!I look forward to our next projects in term 3.We have queries from a few more boys who would like to join.