Last Orders

Dunluce was visited by Northern Ireland’s Justice Minister, David Ford, on Friday.

He was here to attend a performance of “Last Orders”, a dramatic performance and workshop developed by a team of doctors, police, NSPCC professionals and teachers to examine the potential consequences of alcohol abuse.

The play was performed by members of the Solomon Theatre Company and tells the story of three young characters aged between 15-17 as they embark on a night of binge drinking at home with disastrous consequences.  the impact of the performance is built upon by a workshop exploring a range of themes such as anti-social behaviour, illegal purchase (including the law on alcohol and age-restricted products) and attitude to risk and health.
The Dunluce visit was at the end of a tour of secondary schools and was funded by Moyle Policing and Community Safety Partnerships.

David Ford MLA, speaking to Dunluce year 10 pupils and invited guests, explained that “problems arising from the misuse of alcohol and drugs cost public services and the local economy millions of pounds every year.”

He continued, “Making the wrong choice at a key time in life can have serious consequences.  Educating young people about the consequences of their actions will assist them in making better life choices.”

Also attending the event was Moyle PCPS Chair, councillor Margaret Anne McKillop.  She told us that is was “great to see the recovery of the proceeds of crime being used in such a manner to allow 2,000 young people hear this important social and health message that hopefully will prevent or reduce the harm alcohol can have on their future lives.”