Lauren and Caitlyn talk for Dunluce

In November two of our year twelve pupils, Caitlin Craig & Lauren Hutton, took part in the local heats of the Soroptimist International public speaking competition.

This compeition is open to year 12 and 13 pupils from across the country and has four aims:

1.To encourage girls to play a more prominent part in public life.
2.To improve the art of communication.
3.To encourage girls to develop the skill to speak effectively and to articulate with clarity.
4.To develop self confidence and personality.

Caitlin and Lauren represented Dunluce infront of a packed audience and 3 judges in Ballymoney.  Each had to talk for a minium of four minutes on a chosen topic.

Mr Shirlow was pleased with the effort of Caitlyn and Lauren,"Both girls did really well, achieving highly commendable certificates on the night.  In fact, they only narrowly missed out on qualifying for the regional finals by a few points." 

"This was an excellent achievement, considering they were competing in this competition for the first time.  Many of the other participants were a few years older than our girls and had been involved in the competition in previous years.  Maybe next year will be the year for our girls?"