The library is an integral part of Dunluce and is used by the junior school once a week through their English classes.  With over 6000 books available there is plenty of choice.  

We try to encourage pupils to read for pleasure as well as for accessing information, this helps with all aspects of literacy throughout the school. We are constantly up-dating the fiction section and have an excellent selection of ‘quick reads’ for the more reluctant readers.  The local papers are available every week as well as several other magazines.
We visit Schools’ Library Service twice a year where we are able to select new stock and return old or damaged stock enabling us to have the kind of books our pupils want to read.

Our aim is to make this room a pleasant place to be and we just ask that pupils, whatever activity they choose to do, respect one another, the property, and behave responsibly.

Stock of over 6000 books
5 internet-linked PC’s
7 iMac computers
Board Games

During break and lunch there are several games available, eg Draughts, Dominoes, Guess Who, etc.  This encourages pupils who may find it hard to mix with others and enables the development of social skills and the fostering of friendships.  Before Easter, we held a Dominoes and Draughts tournament with the winners receiving a prize during Assembly. 

After Schools' Club
As part of the After Schools Programme the library is open to all pupils who wish to:

  •   carry out research 
  •   get help with homework/coursework
  •   read or get help with their reading

Accelerated Reader
The Accelerated Reader programme has been running very successfully for the last three years.  Accelerated Reader is one of the most effective tools for fostering reading growth. AR encourages substantial differentiated reading practice to create strong readers.
Based on each student’s independent reading level, AR helps us to set personalised goals for each student, and select books that are difficult enough to keep students challenged, but not too difficult to cause frustration.
In addition, AR helps to monitor students’ vocabulary growth, literacy skills development, and reading skills taught through basal readers and other reading textbooks.

ReadOn takes place during the first term for Year 8’s.  The money raised goes to the Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children which will help provide practical, emotional and financial support to hundreds of local children and families who are coming to terms with a childhood cancer diagnosis. 

Q and A

When can I come into the Library?
- the Library is open break and lunchtime to all pupils in Years 8 – 10
- after school each Wednesday or Thursday as part of the After Schools programme

How many books can I take out?
You may borrow 2 library books at a time.  If you are an avid reader you may borrow more if you speak to the Librarian.

How long can I keep my book for?
You must bring your book into school every week for your library period.  It will be at the discretion of your teacher how long you may keep it out. 
At the end of the school year all books must be returned, anyone not returning their book/s will not be allowed to take out books the following year until they are either returned or paid for, if lost.

Can I borrow another book if my book is overdue?
No, you must return all overdue books before you can be issued with a new book.

Are there any books I cannot take out of the library?
Yes.  Books that cannot be issued will be marked, eg. Reference.
There is a senior fiction section in the Library so if you are in Years 8, 9 or 10, you may not borrow books from here.

Can I reserve a book that is currently on loan to someone else?
Yes.  Ask the Librarian to reserve the book for you.  She will inform your English teacher when it becomes available.

Can I use the Library computers to play games?
You may not play games when you are in the library as part of your English reading period.  You may play games during break and lunch.

Can I print my work in the Library?
There is a black and white printer available for you to print your work at no cost.

If I cannot find a book I am looking for on the shelves, does that mean you do not have it?
No, check with the Librarian.  It may be out on loan to another pupil (it can then be reserved).  If we do not have it, the Librarian could request it for you from Schools Library Service (the main supplier of all books in the Library).

What happens if I lose or damage a book?
You will be asked to cover the cost of the book.  If it is deliberate damage you may be refused any more books from the library.