Maths Week - IZAK 9 & Manga High

Manga High
Over maths week many pupils went online and our pupils from Yrs 8-10 completed over 3000 maths activities.
We are delighted that Dunluce came 10th in the whole of Ireland. This was a huge success as 472 schools were taking part in the competition.

The top 10 pupils in our school were:
Jamie McCloy
Rachael Macauley
Molly Parke
Danna Ferguson
Rhianna Napier
Brent Hutchinson
Jason Buick
Molly Hanson
Lucy Campbell
Timothy Magilton

Pictured below are pupils from Dunluce who received a medal for excellence in Maths through MangaHigh

8M1/8M2 - Cameron Black, Josh Dunlop, Evan Inch, Naomi Cauley, Sophie Parke
8JM -  Ben Dickinson, Harvey Wade, Rory McCaughey, Reece Scott-Dunlop, Karen McIntyre
9SS/10CL - Joshua Hetherington, Adam Warke, Luis Eakin
9M1/9M2 -  Rebecca McNaughton, Ellie McNeill, Emma Knowles, Savannah Patrick
10M1/10M2 Joshua Skeggs, Jordan McLaughlin, George Mainwaring, Heather McNeill, Matthew Edmundson, Nixie Evangelista, Holly McGarry, Leah Kernaghan

Maths Challenges Winners 
8M1/8M2 - Cassie Parke, Molly Hanson, Matthew Potts, Erin Moore, Sophie Campbell
8JM - Pippa McCullagh, Zoe Horner, Sonny Moore
9SS/10CL - Thomas Stewart, Nicole McMullan, Craig Brown
10M1/10M2 - Ellie McKenzie, Emily Watton, Ellie-Mae Mahwhinney