Modern Languages

Teaching Staff:
Mrs P McMullan-Fleck (Head of Department)
Miss L Scott

The aim of the Dunluce Modern Languages department is to make language learning an enjoyable, rewarding and stimulating experience which allows pupils to become more effective and confident communicators in French and Spanish. Our goal is also to encourage positive attitudes to speakers of foreign languages and a sympathetic approach for other cultures and civilisations by offering insights into French and Spanish speaking countries.

Key Stage 3
In Year 8 all pupils have three 45 minute classes of French per week and cover topics such as personalia, numbers, date and time, family and description, finding one’s way around town, going to the café and shopping for food.

In Year 9 all pupils study French and Spanish and develop their ability to talk and write about about their passtimes ( including the use of the past tense), their school and school subjects, their daily routine and their home and learn about transport and booking into a hotel.

In Year 10 all pupils continue with French and Spanish and will cover interesting extended topics such as fashion, healthy lifestyles,  tourism, environmental problems and careers and future plans.

To enable language learning to be fun and rewarding we employ a number of effective teaching strategies which include; role play and pair/group work, games, surveys, interviews,  realia and powerpoint to progress the oral and written competence of our pupils. Pupils are encouraged to communicate with a sense of audience and purpose.  Our resources are well suited to the different abilities and needs of our pupils.  In French we follow the Expo course which is pupil friendly and allows for a differentiated approach, whilst in Spanish we have Mira.

At the end of Key Stage 3 pupils in the top stream are entered for the CCEA OLA (Online Language Assessment) exam which tests all of the four skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing.  This allows those pupils who are unable to continue a language at Key Stage 4 to have accreditation.

Key Stage 4
At Key Stage 4 the study of GCSE French and/or Spanish is optional.  Despite this, the number of pupils who select a language remains consistently good and GCSE language results are historically high.   Pupils are entered for the GCSE examination offered by AQA. There are four contexts of learning; Lifestyle, Leisure, Home and Environment and Work and Education. Speaking and Writing are worth 60% and are assessed by Controlled Assessment.  Pupils complete two oral and two written pieces eg interview for a part-time job or write about the life of a celebrity.  Each piece is worth 15% and the assessment is undertaken when the child is ready.  Reading and Listening make up the final 40% and are assessed by examination at the end of Year 12.

At KS3 and KS4 ICT is strongly embedded in our schemes of work. Each classroom is equipped with an Interactive White Board and pupils make use of the ICT suites on a regular basis to complete such tasks as e-mailing school timetables, survey graphs, house for sale brochures, compiling a CV, producing and presenting powerpoints on their area as a tourist destination.

Homework is an integral part of the learning process and is set on a timetabled basis in line with the whole school directive. A marking for improvement policy is followed rigorously which encourages pupils to self and peer assess and become reflective learners and insists on challenging and high standards in pupils’ work.




Pupil of the Month

The Modern Language has been operating in Key stage 3 a pupil of the month reward system since September 2013. Pupils considered for this award will display a number of the following qualities

  • excellent classwork
  • high homework standards
  • exemplary behaviour in class
  • excellent attendance
  • interested and motivated approach

Here is a list of the recipients for the current academic year. 'Well done' or 'Bravo' to all our budding linguists.

French September       

  • 8A1 Lucy Anderson                                               
  • 8A2 Lauren O'Doherty
  • 8B Ellie-Mae Freeman
  • 9WS Davine Ferguson
  • 9ML Ellie-Mae Mawhinney
  • 10LD Keith Cassidy
  • 10Sc Alistair McCloy

Spanish September

  • 9WS Ellie Mckenzie
  • 9ML Emily McKay
  • 10LD Lucy Taylor

French October

  • 8A1 Jenna McAuley
  • 8A2 Rachael Tolerton
  • 8B Jack Alexander
  • 9WS George Mainwaring
  • 9ML Andrew Kane
  • 10LD Sophie McFaull
  • 10SC Nicole Laven

Spanish October

  • 9WS Hollie Keys
  • 9ML Dylan Woods
  • 10LD Erin Greer

French November

  • 8A1 Emma Knowles
  • 8A2 Lucy Bell
  • 8B Mya Glenn
  • 9WS Sam Colgan
  • 9ML Samantha Wilmot
  • 10LD Ruth McNaughter
  • 10Sc Ellie Termonia

Spanish Novermber

  • 9WS George Mainwaring
  • 9Ml Andrew Kane
  • 10LD Matthew McLean