North West 200 Chief, Mervyn White, visits Dunluce

As a class we are studying Occupational Studies and covering the unit organising an event at the moment. We were keen to speak with an experienced professional responsible for organising a sports event. We immediately thought of Mervyn White (Event organiser of the North West 200) The North West is an international motorsport event that takes place on a road circuit around the North Coast. The inclusion of “200” simply indicates that the event was originally run over a distance of 200 miles. ‘North West ‘reflects the original intended, location of the race.

On the 26th October Mervyn White visited our school to answer our questions on how he organises such a successful world renowned sports event. We were all very excited to meet him and to learn about his career in event management. We all learned a great deal how this interview and collected money. As a class we all learned interesting facts, for example the facts that around 100,000 people visit the North Coast every year to watch the North West 200, it costs £850,000 to run the event  every year and the prize money is £200,000.

This was a wonderful opportunity enjoyed by all.


Report by Heather McNeill