Religious Education

Staff: Miss L Scott


Key Stage 3

At key stage 3 pupils study a broad range of topics, including:

  • Parables
  • The Life and Death of Jesus
  • The Bible
  • Judaism
  • Islam
  • Martin Luther King
  • Saint Patrick
  • Respect for the Environment
  • Charities


Religious Studies


The CCEA GCSE course in Religious Studies is a two-year modular course. Pupils will study one module in each year.

Year 11
Christianity through a study of the Gospel of Mark.

This unit aims to introduce pupils to a number of themes in the life and ministry of Jesus, as found in Mark’s Gospel. The themes are:

  •  Background to Mark’s Gospel – facts about the book, historical context.
  • The identity of Jesus – who was he really? / how did other people see him?
  • Jesus the miracle worker – what were some of the events he was involved in that have no simple explanation?
  • The Kingdom of God – what does it mean to be a Christian?
  • The death and resurrection of Jesus – what happened during that last week of his life before Easter?
  • The role and nature of Christian discipleship – what does it mean to be a follower of Jesus in this life?


Year 12
An introduction to Christian ethics.

This involves the study of a range of moral topics:

  • Personal and family issues – sexual relationships / marriage & divorce (what does Christianity have to say about the rights and wrongs of relationships/ what    happens when it all goes wrong?)
  •  Matters of life and death – abortion / the death penalty / euthanasia  (does anyone have the right to decide that they or another person should die?/ is one person’s life worth more than another’s? / Can we forgive crime?)
  • Developments in Bioethics – human fertility/ surrogacy / bioethics (just because science makes something possible does it make it right?)
  • Contemporary Issues in Christianity – prejudice / discrimination / poverty. (Why are some people so prejudiced?  What causes poverty and how can we help?)
  • War & peace – pacifism / the Just War theory (is it ever right to go to war?/ is violence sometimes the answer?)



There is a single tier of examination entry and no controlled assessment (coursework).

Each of the two examination papers (one at the end of each year) is worth 50% of the total marks and is externally assessed.  Each lasts 1 hour 30 mins.


Special Events

The RE department occasionally invites outside speakers to school to enhance the experiences of our pupils.  This has included the youth leader from Kilrea Baptist Church on Tuesday  and representatives of the Christian charity Stand by Me come to school, taking assembly and talking to classes (in both RE and LLW).  We had a trip to the Chinese welfare Association in Belfast, where pupils learned about immigration, racism and saw first hand how this organisation helps the vulnerable. (As part of their ‘ethics’ module.)

We currently run a well-attended Scripture Union meeting at lunch time on a Tuesday.  This is run by Miss Scott and Mr Law.  We have frequent visiting speakers throughout the year, including representatives from Exodus, Causeway Coast Vineyard and Scripture Union itself.  We hold an annual trip to Glengormley Sportsbowl and McDonalds in June.