Readathon and The Book Fair week

On Monday 5th of March, as part of Readathon and The Book Fair week, the popular Northern Irish author Derek Keilty visited Dunluce to do creative workshops with Year 8 pupils. Derek Keilty is a well-known children’s author and has written the series of novels, Will Gallows, which are being made into a film with Elton John’s production company.

Pupils thoroughly enjoyed hearing how Derek became an author, what it takes to get a book published and how enjoyable it is to be an author. The Pupils also took part in various exciting tasks including creating their very own character for a novel and we had some fantastic pieces of work! In each group Derek picked 2 pupils who worked really hard in the workshop and displayed excellent creativity and they each won a signed copy of a Wills Gallows novel which they were very excited about.

Pupils at Dunluce thoroughly enjoyed this experience, we hope to see some budding authors in the years to come!