Road Safety Demonstration

For Road Safety Week (21st-27th November) the Dunluce playground became the site of a road traffic accident.  Police and Fire Service arrived to the scene with sirens and blue lights flashing and our pupils witnessed the whole thing - including some who were in the crashed car.

It was of course only a training exercise and had been arranged by the Colerine District Fire Service in conjunction with the PSNI.  They wanted to show the pupils the reality of a traffic accident and the consequences that can occur due to irresponsible driving.

Year twelve pupils from the school watched as the Police arrived, assessed the scene, arrested the driver and called in the Fire Service.  The emergency services then secured the car before using cutting equipment to allow access to the casulty in the passenger seat.  Despite the cold (and wet) conditions our year 12s were attentive and appreciatative, "It made us think hard about the situations we put ourselves in when we get in a car." 

"And it made me think that I don't always appreciate the work that the emergency services do in difficult circumstances.  I am very thankful that there are people out there who are willing to put themselves at risk to help keep us safe."

We'd like to thank both the Fire Service and the PSNI for arranging this eye opening demonstration, and to the two year 12 pupils (Jason-Lee Moorcroft and Darren Moore) who helped out.