The Prince


Trip to the Pits

A new qualification accredited by The Prince’s Trust is ‘Personal  Development and Employability Skills’ has been introduced this year.  The aim of this qualification is to give young people the chance to work together to achieve goals relating to their education, training and future lives.  The following skills are developed:

•Setting and achieving goals
•Working with others

•Taking responsibility
•Job search skills

These skills are developed through units of work including Team Work, Work Experience, Presentation Skills, Managing Money and Helping Others in the Community.
Most recently the group of pupils have visited the Bohill Care Home in Coleraine as part of their ‘helping others in the community’ project.  The pupils have assisted staff in the Care Home during activity mornings for the residents.   This  6 week venture has proved to be a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience for the pupils who have wholeheartedly embraced the challenge.