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School Uniform

The wearing of the regulation school uniform is seen as maintaining a sense of identity, equality and pride in belonging to the school and as the means by which our pupils are distinguished in the wider community.  Pupils are therefore required to wear school uniform correctly at all times (including travelling to and from school) and to be neat and tidy in appearance.  The wearing of the correct uniform in the school will be monitored closely.  Pupils who choose not to wear the school uniform correctly will be identified by the appropriate Year Head and appropriate action/s taken.

Black blazer with school crest incorporated
Regulation black trousers (fashion or cotton trousers are not acceptable)
Plain white shirt with school tie
Dark plain socks
Plain BLACK, non-slip, soft-soled shoes with FLAT HEELS
(See also section for ALL PUPILS below)

Navy blazer with school crest incorporated
Regulation blue shirt with school tie
Regulation pleated skirt (below knee) (tight or short skirts are not permitted) OR
Regulation navy trousers must be Banner in either bootleg (Style No 3826) or straight cut (Style No 3828) which are available only from official stockists
Black tights or navy socks only
Plain Black, non-slip, soft soled shoes with FLAT HEELS

Extreme hair styles are not permitted, including partially or completely shaved or partially or completely coloured in an extreme fashion.  Natural all over colour acceptable.  Unnatural colours eg. green, pink or dyed stripes are not permitted.  Hair clips, elastic bands in one of the school colours only are permitted.

The only items of jewellery w

hich can be worn are a watch, one plain signet ring and no more than two plain studs in each ear.  All other face and body piercings are not permitted.  Additional items or jewellery worn by pupils will be removed and returned at the end of the day.  Persistent infringement of this rule will result in  appropriate action/s being taken.  All jewellery must be removed when involved in contact sports.

Pupils in the junior school are encouraged not to wear make-up.  Any make-up worn by senior pupils must be kept to a minimum and have a natural appearance.  No nail polish or false nails should be worn.
All matters regarding jewellery, hair and make-up are at the discretion of the Head of Year, Vice Principal or Principal.

Plain black or navy only (no other colours should be worn).   Coats must be worn over blazers and should not (optional) have stripes, fur trimmings, logos or any other decoration.  Coats must be left in the form room and collected at the end of the day.  Denim or leather coats are not permitted.

Pullover (optional)
Boys – regulation grey
Girls – regulation navy

School fleece (optional)
Regulation fleece may be worn over blazer at break or lunchtime and travelling to and from school.  The school fleece may also be used as part of the PE uniform.

Scarf (optional)
Regulation scarf only.  No other scarves are permitted.

Only official school badges and those of prescribed organisations and charities are permitted.

Black coloured only


Regulation rugby jersey
Navy shorts
Red and navy hooped socks
Training shoes
Football boots
School tracksuit or school fleece (optional)

Red Aertex blouse
Navy shorts
Navy skirt
Training shoes
Navy socks – a change from socks worn during the rest of the day
School tracksuit or school fleece (optional)

NB:  Each item of clothing should have pupils name clearly marked.  All equipment should be brought to school on each occasion when there is PE or Games.  PE uniform is to be worn in Physical Education class only.  All pupils are required to change into usual school uniform before leaving school in the afternoon.

Where to buy your Uniform

S & T Moore       
28 Railway Road           
BT52 1PE

S & T Moore
28 Sperrin Business Park
Ballycastle Road

Heart & Home
10 Captain Street Lower
BT51 3DT
028 703 20707

Heart & Home
11 High Street,
BT53 6AH
028 276 64090


NB:  A grant form for uniform (including sports clothes) is available.  Forms may be obtained from the school office or from County Hall, Ballymena.