World Cancer Day

Dunluce are joining up with Cancer Research UK to mark World Cancer Day on the 4th February. On this date the people from across the country will unite to accelerate progress in the fight against cancer.

World Cancer Day 2017: Saturday, 4th February

Pupils have been wearing Unity Bands to show their support for the on-going fight against cancer.  Some posted photos on social media of the bands on their wrists alongside the name of someone they know who has been affected by cancer.
Year 9 pupil, Stuart Freeman shows the band he is wearing to show his support for a worthy cause,”We had a special assembly where volunteers from Cancer Research explained the importance of the work that is being done and how much they relied on donations to fund this work.  The bands cost £2, which doesn’t sound like much, but when all the £2’s are put together they can make a real difference.”

Classroom assistant, Tracy Lafferty, explained why the school wanted to get involved, “One in two people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. Dunluce, like many other schools, businesses and organisations throughout the world, have families who are going through incredible struggles because of this terrible disease.  So much has been done in a short time to combat cancer and that progress must continue.

"Dunluce School is at the heart of a community, and as such we feel we have to support those who are doing important work – that could impact on the lives of so many in the community.”

The bands were sold around the school and in the local community to help raise funds for hundreds of research projects and support the work of over 4,000 scientists, doctors and nurses across the UK.

Sharon Lafferty takes delivery of another box of unity bands from 
Sharon Arbuckle (Fundraising Manager, Cancer Research U.K) 
and Sammy Sharpe (Bushmills Committee)


#ActOfUnity #worldcancerday #wecanIcan

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