Year 11 Prefects 2016

With the Year 12s taking study leave it is the time of year when the Year 11s step into the role of school prefects.  We are fortunate to have a group of young people who have already displayed maturity and responsibility through their time in Dunluce.  They have been good role models for our junior pupils and it is with great pleasure that we award prefect badges to the following students:

(from left to right)  Brad Hutchinson, Ashley Horner, Ben Fletcher, Taylor Vaughan, Ben Neely, Emma-Jane Stevenson, Mary-Ellen Nicholl, Craig Freeman, Charly Waddell, Ruth McNaugher, Jonathan Norton, Jamie McCloy, Leah Elliot, Jake Taggart, Casey Leigh Leighton, Keith Cassidy, Sarah Owen, Matthew McClean, Erin Greer, Luke Taylor, Kathy Vauls, Dillon Lynch, Ellie Termonia.  (not pictured) Alastair McCloy