Year 12 Performing Arts Trip

Year 12 Performing Arts pupils accompanied by myself and  Mr.  Dougherty (Head of History) travelled to The Somme Heritage Centre on Monday 6th October,   in Newtownards  for the day as part of an on-going ‘Ulster Scots’ project taking part in the school.

Pupils from the class are currently taking part in workshops rehearsing a “Wae A Heart An A Half” by Philip Orr.  The Ulster Scots agency  have provided a Drama Practitioner and a Dance Specialist from outside the school to work on the project who have experience delivering the material in several other schools.
The pupils are preparing for a performance to take place in school on Friday 7th November for Years 8-11 which looks at the lives of soldiers from Bushmills and the surrounding area who left these shores to fight during the First World War with particular emphasis on The Battle of the Somme.T

he project will form part of an assignment for the course they are studying -the B-Tec Level 2 Extended Certificate in Performing Arts (Performance).
Collaborating with the Drama department are English and History who will be looking at the First World War through the eyes of their subject.  All three departments will work to create a display for the foyer leading up to the final performance.

Mrs. L. Moore (head of Drama)