Year 12 Study Skills

year 12 study skillsYear 12 pupils had the chance to think about startegies to improve their personal study and revision today.  Young Enterprise delivered a programme of activities and worshops to look at the management of time, the variety of learning styles, methods for maintaining focus and much more.

Our final year students seemed impressed; and not just because they were getting out of class for a couple of hours:

"There are so many ways to make revision time more effective... I'd already heard of some of things we were shown today, but there were some new techniques I am definitely going to try out."

"I actually found it interesting to see how different everyone was in my group - we all found different techniques more useful."

Jane of Young Enterprise, who delivered the course, was impressed by how our year 12s had already been building study into their busy lives.  Considering how many of our pupils are involved in sporting activities and groups outside school it is good to see that they have recognised the need to have some form of structured study in their lives.