English Competitions

Our English department competitions continued this week.  This time it was the year 8’s going before the judge.  Each of our year 8’s submitted a poem and these were whittled down to six finalists.

The judge, this year, was Mrs Moore – head of drama and performing arts.  As someone interested in creating images and stories through words she was the perfect person to pick a winner, and jumped at the chance to read our poets’ work.

“It was a privilege to be involved in the poetry competition.  We have some extremely talented writers in Dunluce”

“The finalists all produced really effective poems; and there was such variety.  Thomas Stewart really made me smile with his Father Ted reference – a very funny poem.” 

However she did have to pick a winner, and this year it is Jamie Murphy's Singing Softly with Oliver Cunningham's Beach as runner up.  Their poems can be found below.  "Both these poems were so visual.  I could really picture the settings.  Oliver's beach sounds like a divine place to be - very relaxing - but the performance in Singing Softly was so real and Jamie had to win.

All of our entrants will, for the first time, have their poems featured in a book.  The compilation will be available for friends and family to buy as a keepsake from the beginning of September.  All proceeds will go towards promoting literacy in the school.


Singing Softly
by Jamie Murphy

The girl
Sings softly
On the stage.
The moon shines above her
And the crowd roars.


A Beach
by Oliver Cunningham

An amazing golden sand beach,
The waves are slowly splashing on the shore.
I'm walking along watching the distant sun set,
I feel so much joy yet I'm relaxed.


The year 9's were testing their artistic side.  As part of their study of Holes they had to design and produce a wanted poster for the outlaw, Kissing Kate Barlow.  After much deliberation our judge, Mrs Johnson (head of art,) selected a winner and two runners up.  The finalists in this competition were Jonathan Erwin, Gabrielle Devlin, Samantha Wilmot, Christopher Dobbin, Holly McGarry, Ellie-Mae Mawhinney and Timothy Magilton.

In third place was Ellie Mae Mawhinney.  Mr Johnson commented on the content and the treatment of the paper to make it look old and fragile, whilst remaining strong.

In second place came Gabrielle Devlin.  "The quality of the image is impressive.  It's an excellent sketch."

But the winner was Holly McGarry. "What swung it was the facial expression.  She looks shifty.  Exactly how you'd expect a fugitive to look."

Well done to all the finalists and winners in each of the competitions.