Year 8 Raise Nearly


Our year 8 pupils raised an amazing £897 for The Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children this year. They challenged themselves to read as many books as possible within a 7 day period and collected sponsorship from family and friends. 

"I love reading, so I really enjoyed taking part in Readon.  I read loads of Jacqueine Wilson and David Walliams books." Billy-Jo Mitchell (8TM)

This event has become an important fixture in the English Department calendar.  As well as raising money for a charity, it encouraged the pupils to read more than they normally would on a daily basis.

"I set myself a target of reading two more books than I normally would.  I was proud when I finished the last book.  It was even more special because it was for charity"  Ross Irwin (8TM)

"I asked family and friends to sponsor me.  I was happy to be able to support such a good charity."  Andrew Smyth (8TM)

Rebecca Oates from NICFC (pictured with Evan Inch and Cherie Moorehead - two of the highest fund raisers) came to be presented  with a cheque, and to tell us a little about how our donations will be used. Thank you to all who took part and donated.